Thursday, May 15, 2003

Breaking News: The United States Army is on the verge of defeat....

[Donald Rumsfeld is planning a force restructuring of the Army and wants to phase out the heavier aspects of the standing divisions. He has accepted the resignation of the former Army Secretary, and appointed a retired Navy Captain who was formerly the Secretary of the Air Force. Notwithstanding traditional inter-branch rivalries, this is the equivalent of a slap-in-the-face, and a kick in the groin.]

For the most part the United States Army had enjoyed a heralded position as "The most powerful fighing force that the world has ever known." I can't remember who said that, but they weren't wrong in their estimation. During the history of the Army aside from a few tense and dangerous times, the Army has only speculated about "when" its particular objectives would be secured, and not "if" they could be secured. But it seems that the Army has come up against its most formidable opponent to date. A man who has a vision for a future Army whose present membership does not share the same vision.

Donald Rumsfeld has a vision for a highly mobile light force that can be anywhere in the world in a number of hours or days. A fighting force that has no needs for perplexingly long supply lines or maintenance. He is looking for the military of the future. From what I gather, he feels that there are no great giants to be slain any longer, just flies to be swatted when they become too irritating. This idea will transform the military into a more cost effective entity that uses "economy of force". It is a brilliant idea. That is, it will remain brilliant while we are chasing bad guys on motorcyles, pickup trucks fitted with machine guns, or guys with pistols riding lame camels. But, the idea will not seem so brilliant when we chase the bad guy over a berm and discover a salivating column of post-soviet Armor.

But, that is only speculation, Rumsfeld is right, there is a need for a shock force, that is light, mobile and can move rapidly over long distances without the logistical hurdles that Heavy Divisions require. If I were 0-7 or above I would feel slighted. If I were one of the guys on the transformation team I would feel apprehensive. If I were a Marine I would wonder why in the hell someone forgot that I was a shock force that was light, mobile, and can move rapidly over long distances without.............

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