Tuesday, May 06, 2003

If ever there was a case for the death penalty...

Malvo described originally setting his aim on Franklin's husband, but he said the husband moved, prosecutors said. Malvo described shooting at a child skipping across a parking lot, described "leading" the child with his gun, but missing him -- barely. He said the child swatted about his head, mistaking the whiz of the bullet for a bee. "I might have parted his hair," Malvo is alleged to have said.

Apparently a judge has ruled that John Lee Malvo's confession may be used almost in its entirety. It seems the prevailing question has been whether or not Malvo was still under the protection of his Maryland attorneys. It also seems that Malvo began to get quite talkative with a homecide detective and an FBI agent who flattered his ego somewhat. I am sure that there will be a lot of questions regarding the legality of this, but the boy has admitted to two killings. Additionally the aforementioned quote in italics talks about how he laughed about nearly shooting a child who was skipping across a parking lot.

I remember that something was written to the effect that these two low-lifes carried out these killings as if they were a military operation. Bah! A true military man would not target women and children. A true military man would not try and extort money under the threat of violence, and a true military man would have a cause that was apparent to most everyone.

I am not a proponent of the death penalty, rather I say that I have objective arguments against the death penalty. However, my candor requires me to tell you that if one of my loved ones were murdered by someone that I would not plead their killer's case. I think that if two people ever deserved the death penalty it would be these two. Of course that is based on the information that I have heard, and the notion that all of it is true. I feel for the victims, the victims families, and the families of these two dregs. God help them.

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