Thursday, May 22, 2003

Racism as a cause for plagiarism?

Questions have been raised in the media about whether Blair had been able to keep working at the Times, despite a record of mistakes, because of his race or connections with top editors. The newspaper, whose managing editor, Gerald Boyd, is black, is trying to diversify its staff. Also, Blair is friendly with a staffer from Poland, home country of editor Howell Raines' wife, raising the specter that he received special treatment.

It seems that the scandal at the New York Times is taking another turn, ostensibly for the worst. Jayson Blair has apologized for his misdeeds to some degree, but blamed substance abuse, race, and personal problems as the cause.

What is indeed strange to me is the way that he is attempting to mass market his improprieties in movie and book deals. He is somewhat put off by the assertions that he was allowed to stay at the NYT because of his race. He tries to liken himself to Stephen Glass, and even made a statement that, "He had fooled some of the most brilliant people in Journalism". In a story in the New York Observer he goes into greater detail. Here is the article. Blair Pitch

I really think that Blair's apologies have fallen way short of their mark. Instead of admitting that he made mistakes and trying to continue on it seems as if he is putting the blame everywhere except for on himself.

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